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Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

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Packed with Celtic crosses and one gigantic round tower, Dublin’s Glasnevin Cemetery was founded in 1832 as a resting place for people of all faiths—remarkable at a time when Catholics were banned from burial in Protestant graveyards.

Over 1.5 million people have been buried here, including Daniel O’Connell, the political leader who founded the cemetery, and Michael Collins—an Irish revolutionary who still gets flowers on his grave nearly 100 years after his death.

Next to the National Botanic Gardens and affectionately known as Croak Park to Dubliners, there are regular 90-minute tours of the graveyard, which is home to an award-winning museum that gives an insight into Ireland’s social and political history through the stories of the people who have been buried here. Explore the museum’s Milestone Gallery, an interactive, digital timeline that gives an account of some of Glasnevin Cemetery’s most famous residents.




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乗り降り自由のダブリン市内観光バスツアーで、エメラルドアイルの古都最大の魅力を探訪しよう。 1日券または2日券のいずれかをお選びください。市内観光は2つのルートからお選びいただけます。 ダブリンの史跡や活気あふれるナイトライフを自分のペースで体験。 市内28か所に設けられた停留所で自由にバスを乗り降り。 ...  続きを読む

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