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Dalkey Castle

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Just outside of Dublin, Dalkey Castle entertains and informs with live actors from the Deilg Inis Theatre Company who reenact typical scenes from what life was like in Ireland in the 1500s. You might see an archer shooting a longbow, a barber offering haircuts, or a cook making traditional meals of the day. There is also an interactive time line in the Heritage Center that begins from the early Christian era and works its way through the Viking period, Medieval times, the Victorian era, and finally modern times in Dalkey. The Writers' Gallery features literary and creative connections to Joyce, Beckett, Bono, and Maeve Binchy.

From the castle battlements, visitors can admire panoramic views of the sea and the mountains. You can also explore an early Christian church and graveyard dedicated to St. Begnet on the castle grounds. Historical and literary guided tours of the castle are available, and they will walk you through the fascinating history of Dalkey Castle.