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Al Ain Day Trips from Dubai

Viator (ビアター)提供, 2018年 2月

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Located close to the border with Oman, the date-palm oasis of Al Ain, the “Garden City” of the Emirates, is very literally a breath of fresh air from Dubai. The 62-mile (100-kilometer) trip takes only two hours, making Al Ain an excellent day trip option for travelers based in Dubai whether with a group or with a private guide.

A typical Al Ain trip begins with a journey through the stark and stunning desert scenery of the United Arab Emirates between Dubai and the Hajar Mountains on the Omani border. On the way, stop at the UAE’s largest Bronze Age site at the Hili Archeological Park.

Once in Al Ain, there’s plenty to see and do to fill up a day. The city is perhaps most famous for its ancient falaj, irrigation channels located within the Al Ain Oasis. It’s the largest of several oasises in the region and a must for any first time visitor to Al Ain. Another historic attraction, the Al Jahili Fort, was constructed in the late nineteenth century to protect the oasis.