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Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

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Founded by Sheikh Mohammed and opened in 1998, the Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai serves to promote awareness of Emirati culture, including food, customs, and religion, with the aim to educate visitors and expats and remove cultural barriers. Situated within the Emirati wind tower house in Dubai's Al Fahidi district, the SMCCU run guided tours of this historic area, including local mosques such as the Jumeirah Mosque.

The center operates under the motto, "Open Doors, Open Minds" and organizes various activities in addition to tours, including lectures and educational programs, cultural awareness events, Arabic classes, and Iftars during Ramadan. It also offers visitors the opportunity to learn about and experience Emirati food by hosting Cultural Breakfasts and Cultural Lunches, where guests are free to ask questions and exchange ideas with locals while sampling authentic Emirati cuisine.