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Palm Islands & the World

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The Palm Islands is an audacious trio of palm-shaped offshore developments in Dubai. Home to a mix of leisure, residential, marina and commercial constructions, the islands form the shape of date palms linked to the mainland by causeways.

The most complete of these artificial island developments is Palm Jumeirah, near Dubai Marina in Jumeirah. Construction began in 2001, and the first residents moved into their new island homes in 2007. The glitzy Atlantis resort opened in 2008, and further construction of beaches, shopping malls, hotel resorts and theme parks is under way. Palm Jebel Ali will be constructed further west, near the Abu Dahbi border. The third development, Palm Deira, is under way on the other side of the Creek in Deira.

The World is an equally ambitious project taking place in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, 4 km (2.5 miles) offshore.




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45分間の水上飛行機フライトでドバイ上空へと羽ばたき、ドバイが誇る最高のアトラクションとランドマークの空からの素晴らしい眺めを楽しみましょう。4通りの開始時刻から選択して、水上でのスリリングなテイクオフを楽しみ、世界最長の建造物の一つ、まるで重力を否定するかのようなブルジュ ...  続きを読む

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