ドレスデンの観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

Green Vault

The Green Vault is one of the city museums in Dresden, Germany, and it is located in the Dresden Royal Palace. This collection of historical art and antiques has been called one of the greatest treasure chests in Europe. It is divided into two sections, the Historic Green Vault and the New Green Vault. In the Historic section, visitors will find works of art in a baroque setting displayed in front of mirrored walls without being in display cases. Items found here are made of amber, ivory, gemstones, and bronze. This section is located in the reconstructed chamber that August the Strong created.

In the New Green Vault, visitors can see around 1,000 masterpieces of treasury art which are displayed in well-lit showcases made of anti-glare glass. This allows visitors to admire the art close up. Pieces in this section include precious objects made of gold, silver, enamel and gemstones, ivory, mother-of-pearl, coconuts and ostrich eggs.