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Blue Wonder Bridge

The Blue Wonder Bridge in Dresden spans across the Elbe River. It was finished in 1893, and at the time, this truss bridge was one of the longest bridges that was not supported by pillars. It was painted a brilliant blue color, which is how it got its name. Despite the fact that much of Dresden was destroyed during World War II, the Blue Wonder Bridge survived, thanks in part to city residents who put their lives on the line to protect it.

The bridge's official name is the Loschwitz Bridge, and until 1912 it was called the König-Albert-Brücke (King Albert Bridge). Today the bridge brings road traffic across the river connecting the Blasewitz and Loschwitz neighborhoods within Dresden. It is a popular tourist attraction due to its stunning architecture and color. It is located near the Dresden TV Tower, the Standseilbahn Dresden funicular railway, and Schwebebahn Dresden, the world's oldest suspension railway.