Santiago, or Santiago de los Caballeros, is located in the Cibao Valley, and with nearly 1 million residents, it’s the second-largest city in the Dominican Republic. Santiago’s origins date back to 1495, when Christopher Columbus built a fort on the banks of the Yaque del Norte River. Santiago was once named Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros (Saint James of the 30 Knights), a nod to the 30 Spanish aristocrats who helped form the original community.

Many people refer to Santiago as the “heart city,” as it’s located at the center of what was once Hispaniola. Santiago has a large arts and culture scene. Do not miss the Museo del Tabaco (Cigar Museum), where visitors can learn about the art of making cigars and purchase some of the most famous brands. Other museums of note include Museo Folklórico Yoryi Morel, which features exhibits related to Santiago’s Carnival, and Museo Histórtico Fortaleza San Luis, which once served as a municipal prison.

Sports are also a popular aspect of life in Santiago. Baseball and basketball are the most popular sports in the city. A number of notable Major League Baseball players are originally from the Dominican Republic. Fertile lands in the region support Santiago. Items like cigarettes, rum, furniture, soaps, leather goods and pharmaceuticals are produced in this region. Foods like cacao, dairy, coffee and milled rice are also staples in Santiago. While not typically a tourist destination, the city is seeing a slight increase in tourism. 

Practical Info

Santiago de los Caballeros is located in the inland part of the Dominican Republic. There are direct flights into Santiago from several locations in the United States and parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Be cautious of your belongings, especially in the Centro Historico, as thieves and pickpockets are plentiful. 
住所: Santiago, Dominican Republic, ドミニカ共和国

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プエルトプラタのSantiagoとJarabacoaで終日の冒険に乗りましょう。国の「ハートランド・シティ」サンティアゴで散歩を始めましょう。サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステーラ大聖堂のような観光スポットに驚く歴史ある中心部を観光しましょう。ラ・オーロラ葉巻工場でのタバコ収穫とシガーローリングについて学んでから、Jarabacoa Ranchに続きます。食べ物、乗馬、ジープで素晴らしい熱帯の環境を探索し、橋を張った険しい森を蛇行させ、滝や自然のプールを吹き抜けてください。その後、ビュッフェ式のランチをお楽しみいただき、地元の工芸品市場にお出かけください。
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