Mero Beach

Dominica is a volcanic island, which means much of the shoreline is rocky, and there are fewer sandy beaches than visitors might be accustomed to in other parts of the Caribbean. Mero Beach is the closest beach to the capital Roseau, and also one of only a few beaches on the island that has food, drinks, bathrooms, showers and other amenities nearby. With sandy beaches few and far between, Mero Beach is a particularly popular spot among visitors and locals alike, especially on the weekends. And because Mero has warm, protected waters for swimming and public restrooms and showers nearby, it’s an ideal place for families to spend a day playing in the sun and sand. And just a quarter mile from Mero Beach, you’ll find the Wacky Roller Adventure Park where you can climb across rope bridges, ride ziplines and go river tubing.

Practical Info

To get to Mero Beach from Roseau, take the Leblanc Highway north along the coast to the town of St. Joseph—confusingly the beach is adjacent to St. Joseph and not the town of Mero about 1.5 miles further north.
住所: St Joseph Parish, Dominica, ドミニカ

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