Indian River

Take an expedition into the coastal wetlands of northern Dominica along the Indian River. This mangrove river meets the ocean at Portsmouth, and from here you can hook up with a boat and a guide who can row you up-river—no motors are allowed in the preserve—into the tangle of bwa mang trees. The clear, brackish water is a mix of salt and fresh that serves as a vital nursery for many of Dominica’s reef fish. Look closely among the mangrove roots to spot juvenile barracuda shading themselves beneath the trees. Above the water, you’ll pass vibrantly colored birds and wildflowers along the banks as your guide regales you with stories and knowledge about the local flora and fauna. At the far reaches of the river, you’ll make landfall at makeshift jungle bar where you can have lunch, drinks and take a short hike on the surrounding trails before heading back downriver.

Practical Info

Guides from the Portsmouth Indian River Tour Guides Association can be found at the Portsmouth Visitors Center. The boat trips usually last about two hours, and cost around $20 to $25, depending on the guide and whether you opt for the option forest walking tour.
住所: Portsmouth, Dominica, ドミニカ

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