Magnetic Termite Mounds

Across fields in northern Australia stand these tall magnetic termite mounds standing up to two meters high. As a habitat created by termites, they’re strategically built to face away from the hot sun and keep temperatures cool. Inside are complex and fascinating architecture and networks of arches, tunnels, chimneys, and various chambers. Thousands of termites live in a single mound and are known to last anywhere from fifty to one hundred years — which can also be the lifespan of one termite queen. Looking at the mounds it’s hard to believe such a small insect could create such a large, elaborate dwelling for itself.

There are several types of termite mounds, and in this case ‘magnetic’ refers to the way they are aligned (in conjunction with the earth’s magnetic field.)  How the termites are able to consistently determine the north-south orientation to avoid the heat is unknown, and these structures remain a bit of a natural phenomenon.

Practical Info

Located in Litchfield National Park, the first grouping of termite mounds can be found 17 kilometers from the eastern boundary of the park. Litchfield is about an hour and a half’s drive from Darwin. The natural sites are free to access.
住所: Litchfield Park Road, Litchfield Park, Litchfield, Australia NT 0822, オーストラリア

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