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Lyons Cottage

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Facing the sea, Lyon's Cottage was - at the time of its building - the first stone house built in Darwin for 30 years and is the only surviving example of colonial bungalow architecture in the city. It's made from locally quarried stone and now houses a museum.

It was built in 1925 from the same porcellanite stone used to construct many of Darwin's major public buildings, including Fanny Bay Gaol and Government House. The architecture of the house is similar to many that the British built in other colonies such as Singapore and Malaysia. It came through the bombing of Darwin without damage, although it was occupied by the US army. Ironically, Cyclone Tracy saved its life. It had been sold and scheduled for redevelopment, but after the cyclone it was repaired and became today's museum, featuring local and early European history.




口コミ 41件

この4時間の午後のバスツアーで、ダーウィンの魅力を発見しましょう。 ダーウィンはアラフラ海にある植民初期の頃に栄えた独特の街です。 爆撃や大きなサイクロンに見舞われても、オーストラリアで最も多文化的なこの街の力が削がれたことはありません。 続きを読む

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  • 言語: 英語
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