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Bicentennial Park

This expansive park runs the length of Darwin’s waterfront, looking down onto the Darwin Harbor and Lameroo Beach. It stretches south from the Northern Territory Parliament House down to the Doctor’s Gully area. It is a large outdoor space popular for holding local festivals, including May Day and the Darwin Festival, as well as many weddings. It is a great place to simply take a stroll and enjoy the scenery in Darwin, with paths often shaded by tall tropical trees.

The park is also home to several war memorials, including the Cenotaph War Memorial, the Civilian Memorial, and the The USS Peary Memorial (which sunk in the Darwin Harbor.) Memorial plaques commemorate the stories of those who have served their country, both Australians who lost their lives in the Bombing of Darwin and Aboriginal men and women who helped defend the Northern Territory coastline.




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この4時間の午後のバスツアーで、ダーウィンの魅力を発見しましょう。 ダーウィンはアラフラ海にある植民初期の頃に栄えた独特の街です。 爆撃や大きなサイクロンに見舞われても、オーストラリアで最も多文化的なこの街の力が削がれたことはありません。 続きを読む

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