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Cap de Creus

Cap de Creus is a peninsula in the far northeast of Catalonia, not far from the French border. Covering 73 square miles, it is the easternmost point of Spain and is now a protected national park. Salvador Dali, who was born in the nearby city of Figueres, painted the cape in “The Persistence of Memory” and built a home in Port Lligat. While Cap de Creus contains the largest uninhabited area in the Spanish Mediterranean, it does have a number of small towns, the most well-known of which is Cadaques.

Cap de Creus is generally quite rocky and dry, but is also home to more than 800 species of plans, as well as rare species of sea birds that are close to extinction. Hikers will enjoy a variety of trekking routes around the cape and visitors should be sure to visit the Sant Pere de Rodes, an 11th century monastery with great views of Cap de Creus.