Corfu Cruise Port

The main port on the sun-soaked Greek island serves as a gateway to the pristine beaches of the coastline, the verdant mountainous interior, and Corfu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Disembarking cruisers can experience Mediterranean beaches, traditional Greek gastronomy, and historic sites.

The Basics
Cruise ships arriving in Corfu dock at Neo Limani (New Port) in Corfu Town. Shore excursions often include guided walking tours of Corfu Old Town, covering sights such as Spianada (Esplanade) square, the Old Fortress (Palaio Frourio), and ornate 16th-century St. Spyridon Church. Some shore excursions incorporate other island highlights, including 19th-century Achillion Palace, built by Empress Sisi of Austria, and the village of Paleokastritsa, known for its beach and 15th-century Venetian monastery. 

Things to Know Before You Go
  • Most Corfu shore excursions include pickup and drop-off at the cruise port.
  • Corfu shore excursions typically last for 5–6 hours and allow you to see not only Corfu Old Town, but also other attractions scattered around the island. 
  • Note than many restaurants and shops close for a siesta between 3pm and 5pm. 

How to Get to Corfu Town from the Corfu Cruise Port
The cruise port is situated just over 1 mile (2 kilometers) west of Corfu Old Town. Local buses connect the port with the town of Corfu, and many cruise ships docking here run shuttle buses to the center of town too. Taxis are available at the cruise terminal, and the walk to town from the cruise port takes 20–30 minutes. 

Port Information
The terminal at the cruise port is well equipped with passenger facilities, including an ATM and car rental agencies. A tourist information kiosk can be found on Spianada square.
住所: Xen Stratigou 2, Kerkyra, Corfu 49100, ギリシャ

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コルフショアエクスカーション:Achillion Palaceを含むプライベートアイランドツアー

美しいコルフ島を半日で過ごすこのプライベートツアーでは、贅沢に装飾されたアチリオン宮殿を探索し、ジェームス・ボンド映画の「Your Your Eyes Only」の壮大な海岸線を誇るPaleokastritsa近くの13世紀の聖母マリアの修道院を訪れてください。また、Ropa ValleyとGastouriの村を通って、コルフ・タウンとセント・スピリドン教会のガイド付きツアーでツアーをキャッピングします。
  • 所要時間: 5時間
  • 使用言語: 英語
$105.18 USD
  • 所要時間: 5時間
  • 使用言語: 英語
$105.18 USD



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