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National History Museum (Frederiksborg Slot)

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A pristine Renaissance palace in the middle of a lake that has been repurposed as the National History Museum is a fairytale look into the past. Frederiksborg Slot was constructed for King Christian IV from 1602 - 1620 and was the site of Danish royal coronations through 1840. Today, it offers a look into the historical splendor of knights, royalty and national honor, along with royal furnishings and elegant gardens.

This spectacular former fortress is spread out over three small islets on a lake. The lush Baroque interiors feature gilded ceilings, magnificent tapestries, paintings and antiques in more than 70 rooms available for public viewing. The Knights Hall and the Coronation Chapel are not to be missed attractions. Take a stroll outside along the lake for picturesque views of the castle and enjoy a longer walk through Slotshaven, the expansive beautiful gardens north of the castle, if you have more time.