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Emiliana Organic Winery

Founded by the Guilisasti family in 1986, Emiliana Organic Winery was the first winery in Chile (and one of the first in the world) to make a foray into organic wine production. The winery began its organic agricultural practices in an effort to preserve the environment, promote healthy soil and ultimately improve the quality of the grapes.

In place of pesticides, the winery uses mobile chicken coops that can be wheeled around the vineyards to control the insect population. Besides wine, Emiliana also grows organic vegetables for the workers and their families, as well as produces honey and olive oil from trees grown throughout the vineyards. Tours of the winery take visitors through the vineyards, where they learn about various soil and grape types and the biodiversity of the area. Participants also see the cellars where biodynamic fertilizers are stored and enjoy a tasting of several Emiliana wines.