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Navy Pier

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Chicago's most-visited tourist attraction, Navy Pier will certainly blow the minds of children younger than twelve. The pier's Chicago Children's Museum, plus a collection of high-tech rides, hands-on fountains, kid-focused educational exhibits, fast-food restaurants, and trinket vendors will transport your child into the kind of overstimulated, joyful state you haven't witnessed since you finally gave in and got them a puppy for their birthday last year.

For the adults, Navy Pier's charms revolve around the lakefront views, cool breezes, and a ride on the gigantic Ferris wheel. The carousel is another classic, with bobbing carved horses and organ music. You can also hop on afternoon or evening boat cruises from here.



Go Chicago Card(ゴー シカゴ カード)

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Go Chicago™ カードがあれば、シカゴの25種類以上の人気アトラクション、アクティビティ、現地ツアーを一括料金でお得にご利用になれます! シェッド水族館を訪問する、ネイビー ピアでの乗り物を楽しむ、乗り降り自由のバスツアーに参加する、スカイデッキ ...  続きを読む

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  • 言語: 日本語
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