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Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum

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The first planetarium built in the western hemisphere, the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum still captures intergalactic imaginations. From the entrance, visitors descend below the building, which has 12 sides, one for each sign of the zodiac. In the newest wing, a digital sky show recreates such cataclysmic phenomena as supernovas. Interactive exhibits allow you to simulate cosmic events such as a meteor hitting the earth (this one is especially cool).

Inside, the main attraction is the StarRider Theater, where you’ll take a 30 minute virtual reality trip through deep space, with eye-popping 3-D graphics. You’ll literally feel like you’re floating in space. The planetarium's exhibition galleries are equally engaging, with myriad displays and interactive activities. A must-see exhibit is “Shoot For The Moon,” an interactive exhibit on lunar exploration.



Go Chicago Card(ゴー シカゴ カード)

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Go Chicago™ カードがあれば、シカゴの25種類以上の人気アトラクション、アクティビティ、現地ツアーを一括料金でお得にご利用になれます! シェッド水族館を訪問する、ネイビー ピアでの乗り物を楽しむ、乗り降り自由のバスツアーに参加する、スカイデッキ ...  続きを読む

  • ロケーション: シカゴ, イリノイ州
  • 所要時間: 場合によります
  • 言語: 日本語
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