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Sanxingdui Museum

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When a Sichuan peasant in 1929 unearthed a piece of jade while digging ditches in a field, he set in motion a chain of events which would lead to the largest discovery of Shu relics known to modern China. Located 25 miles (40.2 kilometers) north of the city of Chengdu, the Sanxingdui (Three Star Piles) Archeological Site covers an area of nearly 5 square miles (12.9 square kilometers) and has yielded thousands of cultural Shu relics which are now on display at the Sanxingdui Museum.

Though mass excavations began in earnest in the early 1930s, it was the unearthing of two sacrificial chambers in 1986 which sent shockwaves through the archeological community. Included amongst the buried relics were ornate and peculiar bronze facial masks dating back nearly three thousand years as well as gold and jade objects which help prove that the Sanxingdui area was the capital of the Ancient Shu kingdom.



成都からの三星堆遺跡とジャイアントパンダ プライベート1日ツアー

この8時間のプライベートツアーでは、成都ジャイアントパンダ繁殖研究基地を訪れ、かわいらしいパンダに会います。 その後、三星堆博物館で三千年もの歴史を持つ文化遺物を見学します。 ツアー代金には専用ガイド、専用車、ホテル/宿泊先送迎サービスが含まれます。 続きを読む

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