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Chengdu Culture Park

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The Chengdu Culture Park, a downtown green space, specializes in displaying Chinese culture. Located next to Qingyang Palace, there are a variety of special events that take place at the park; it’s also a popular place to watch the Sichuan Opera, a theater form unique to China. Some of the special events include the Lantern Festival carnival, a flower festival, art displays and photography displays. Also in the area is the old Taoist Qingyang Temple, which dates from the Tang period (618-907), while the present buildings are from the Qing period (1644-1911). Also of interest is the Pavilion of the Eight Trigrams, featuring eight stone pillars carved with dragon patterns.

A gathering place for the community, the garden features lush foliage, bonsai displays and historical monuments and sculptures. It’s an area frequented by card players and Mahjong players enjoying the day and a bit of fellowship.