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Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

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The Kirstenbosh National Botanical Gardens, established in 1913 to protect indigenous flora, was the first gardens of its kind in the world. It covers five of the six of South Africa's unique biomes; many of these are found inside an indoor greenhouse. The Kirstenboash gardens are also home to various exhibitions of sculpture ranging from Zimbabwean stone sculptures to the world-famous bronze animals of Dylan Lewis.

Nature lovers are bound to enjoy the gardens and so will hikers. Near the Gardens are a series of trails that lead to Table Mountain and the pass at Constantia Nek, which is the site of the oldest restaurant in Cape Town. From Constantia Nek, hikers can reach Constantiaberg, the reservoirs of the "back-table" of Table Mountain and Cecilia Forest. Following the same path north leads to the Rhodes Memorial and the slopes of Devil's Peak.




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