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John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum

Devoted to the legendary President who passed many of his holidays at his vacation home on Cape Cod, the John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum now ranks among the region’s top attractions, offering a fascinating insight into America’s 35th president. Housed in the early 20th-century town hall and fronted by a sculpture of Kennedy by David Lewis, the museum features a series of multimedia exhibitions focusing on the President, his family and friends, and the time they spent on Cape Cod.

As well as the opportunity to peek into the Kennedy family’s home, there’s a sizable collection of videos, photographs and personal effects, dating back between 1934 and 1963 and including oral histories from friends and family, a Kennedy Family Tree and details of his final visit to Cape Cod, just months before his assassination. Somewhat incongruously, the museum basement houses a Hall of Fame for the Cape Cod Baseball League.