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Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

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Located in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden opened in 1898 based on a design by French architect Carlos Thays. Today the national monument encompasses 18 acres (7 hectares) of gardens showcasing some 5,500 species of plants from six different continents: Asia, Africa, Oceana Europe and the Americas.

Highlights of the green space include a Roman garden, designed by Carlos Thays in the fashion of early Christian-era gardens, as well as a French garden inspired by the gardens of Versailles. While not open to the public, the botanical garden also houses a stunning Art Nouveau greenhouse that was displayed at the 1889 Paris World Fair.

Aside from the plants, the botanical gardens also serve as a home to a sizable population of cats, most abandoned by their owners but now cared for by a local volunteer committee.