Barrio Norte

Barrio Norte
Flanking the borders of Palermo and Recoleta in northern Buenos Aires, the area known as Barrio Norte is one of Buenos Aires’ most affluent residential districts. Travelers flock to this neighborhood to browse the shops, stroll around the Japanese Gardens, sip cocktails with the locals, and visit the Evita Museum.
The Basics
Barrio Norte is often included on tours of north Buenos Aires. A walking or bike tour typically explores the neighboring districts of Palermo and Recoleta, stopping at attractions such as Recoleta Cemetery, the Botanical Gardens, and the Floralis Genérica statue. Other popular destinations in Barrio Norte include Las Heras Park; from there it’s a short walk to the Evita Museum, the José Hernández Popular Art museum, and the Book and Language Museum.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Most of the bars, restaurants, and shops in Barrio Norte can be found in the area between Plaza Güemes and Las Heras Park.
  • Most shops in Barrio Norte open between 9am and 10am and close between 8pm and 9pm.
  • Many of the area’s museums are closed Mondays.
How to Get There
Barrio Norte isn’t an official neighborhood, so you won’t find it on a map. Start your explorations near Plaza Güemes and make your way south along Santa Fe Avenue toward downtown. The closest subway stations are Santa Fe (Line H) and Bulnes (Line D).
When to Get There
Barrio Norte is liveliest on weekends, when locals flock to Las Heras Park or hit the shops along Sante Fe. In the evenings, particularly Friday and Saturday, the area’s bars and clubs are filled with well-heeled partygoers.
Shopping in Barrio Norte
Barrio Norte is a popular shopping haunt, and the main boulevard of Sante Fe is home to a huge selection of shops. Alto Palermo Shopping Center offers a mix of mainstream and designer stores and a large food court. Also along Sante Fe Avenue is the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, housed in an old theater quirky Galería Bond Street mall; and Galería 5ta Avenida, a favorite for vintage finds.
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