Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives (Magyar Zsidó Múzeum és Levéltár)

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Before World War II, Budapest had a thriving Jewish population centered around the largest synagogue in Europe on Dohány Street in District VII. Jewish Budapest was wealthy, with many other ...  続きを読む

Budapest City Park (Varosliget)

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Városliget is the largest of Budapest’s public parks, a vast expanse of 302 acres (1.2 km²) of public space with its main entrance at the monumental UNESCO-listed Heroes’ Square (Hosok ...  続きを読む

Lake Balaton

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Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe at 48 miles (77 km) by seven miles (11 km) at its widest. Lying in the Transdanubia region of landlocked Hungary, it is the summer playground for ...  続きを読む


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ヨーロッパで2番目に長い川、ドナウ川。ブタペストをブタ区とペスト区の2つに分けるこの川は、ヨーロッパで最も美しい街の一つと言われるブタペストの中でも最も景観が良いとされる場所の全てを形作っています。ライオン像で飾られたセーチェーニ鎖橋やハンガリー神話に出てくるトゥルルが飾られた自由橋など、ドナウ川がなければブタペスト名物の橋々は存在していません。そしてドナウ川がなければ、夏のピクニックや音楽祭など ...  続きを読む

Andrássy Avenue


The elegant boulevard of Andrássy Avenue was completed in 1885 as part of the expansion of Budapest under Emperor Franz Joseph I to celebrate the thousand-year anniversary of the state of ...  続きを読む

Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri Piac)


Like many Eastern European cities, Budapest has a thriving flea market scene, where the colorful flotsam and jetsam of life passes by along with the chance to dig out that elusive bargain of the ...  続きを読む



A fantastic, family-oriented introduction to the sights and landmarks of Hungary, Austria and Germany, Miniversum is part interactive game and part educational experience. Housed in an historic ...  続きを読む