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Szechenyi Baths

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The lemon-and-white Neo-Baroque confection of the Széchenyi Baths is the perfect place for a palatial soak. It was built in 1883 - in those days it was known as the Artesian Baths - and was the first bath house in Pest, the more industrial and working class side of the city. It was converted into a permanent site in 1913, and received various additions, including a hospital. In the late 1990s it was thoroughly renovated. The pools are the deepest and hottest in the city. Inside you'll find swimming pools, thermal sitting pools, saunas, masseurs and the 'fancy pool' with its artificial waves and massage jets. There are some segregated areas but for most of the pools you'll need a bathing suit. Outside there are warm swimming pools that, even in winter, make a delightful place to look at the sky, revel in the warmth and watch old men playing chess in the water.