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Budapest Parliament House (Orszaghaz)

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Not many cities can boast a Parliament Building this photogenic. Sitting on the banks of the Danube, built in a grand Neo-Gothic style, this is Parliament done palatially. The idea for the construction of the Budapest Parliament House - or Orszaghaz - came in 1873 when the three cities that made up Budapest were united. A competition was held and won by Imre Steindl. His design mixed Gothic, Medieval and Baroque elements with a lavish hand. The building was not finished until 1902, by which time Steindl was blind. The grand building contains many items of interest, including frescoes; the Hungarian Coronation Regalia with its Renaissance sword; mythical eagles and an impressive staircase.




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ガイド付きのバスツアーでハンガリー西部の魅惑的な田園地帯を抜け、ブダペストまで向かいます。ドナウ川河畔にある豊かな伝統に彩られた街で、昼食を楽しみ、市内の主な名所を観光します。 続きを読む

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