ブカレストの観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

National Museum of Romanian History

Standing almost opposite the Beaux-Arts CEC Palace on Calea Victoriei and just as architecturally impressive, Romania’s history museum is a majestic piece of Neo-classical styling, with a colonnaded façade flanked by two symmetrical side wings. It is the work of architect Alexandru Săvulescu and was completed in 1900 as the headquarters of the Poşta Romană (Romanian Postal Service). When this moved on in 1970, the building inherited the country’s impressive history collections, which spreads across 60 displays.

Although much of the museum is currently closed pending renovation, it should still be seen for its two major collections: the priceless jewelry in the Romanian Treasury and the Bronze Age relics in the Lapidarium. Highlights include a full-size replica of Trajan’s Column in Rome and a selection of the Romanian Crown Jewels.