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Markt Square

The heart of medieval Bruges and the nucleas of the modern city, Bruges’ Market Square (the Markt) is one of the most striking in Europe. Bordered by rows of medieval townhouses, the 1-hectare square is the focal point of city events, with souvenir stores and restaurant seating spilling onto the streets during the summer months and a vibrant Christmas market and open-air ice rink transforming the square for the festive season.

The Market Square is also home to some of Bruges’ most celebrated architectural works, including landmarks like the 12th-century belfry, which offers spectacular views from its 83-meter high tower. Additional highlights include the 19th century Neo-Gothic Provincial Courthouse and the towering central statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, which honors the political leaders who led the 1302 Battle of the Golden Spurs.




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ベルギーのフランドル地域にある魅力的な都市ベルージュへの日帰り旅行をぜひパリ旅行に組み込んで下さい。 ヨーロッパで最も美しい中世の街の1つに訪れてみましょう。 夏季にはブルージュの有名な運河をクルーズして、「北部の小ベニス」として言われる理由を確かめましょう。 続きを読む

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