Mast Brothers Chocolate

In the 1980s, the biggest chocolate bar choice was between Snickers and Mars. Today, the dynamic duo Mast Brothers has upped the ante with meticulously crafted artisanal chocolate with cocoa that’s sustainably sourced from around the globe. Innovative flavors like sea salt, smoke, olive oil and sheep milk take the timeless candy bar to the next level. It’s chocolate elevated for the adult palate. 

And while these precious bars decked out in fashionable paper wrappers that reflect the Mast brothers’ own aesthetic are available in specialty stores nationwide, there’s no substitute for a stop at Mast Brothers Chocolate in Williamsburg. Travelers can tour the site, sample the rich, bold bars during a coached tasting, and learn about the drive it takes to continue to create the borough’s best bar. The shop’s sleek design is a nod to fashion house show rooms and highlights the refined style of these truly tasty bars.

Practical Info

Mast Brothers Chocolate is located near the Bedford Avenue stop of the L train in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is open from 10am until 8pm daily and free tours are available to all without appointment. Chocolate is produced at the nearby Navy Yard factory located at 46 Washington Avenue.
住所: 111 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11249, アメリカ
営業時間: 10am to 8pm daily

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+81 6 4560 2975
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