Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (Jardim Botanico)

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Idyllic and serene among the bustle of Rio the Botanic Gardens - or Jardim Botanico - are a delightful place to soak up the beauty of both Amazonian and ...  続きを読む

Altino Arantes Building (Banespa Tower)

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An enduring symbol of São Paulo’s 20th century race to modernity, the Edifício Altino Arantes—more commonly known as the Banespa Tower or ...  続きを読む

Sao Conrado Beach

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Whether you’re here for the surf, the golden sands, or to soar in the skies above, visiting Sao Conrado Beach is a highlight of Rio de Janeiro. Here in this ...  続きを読む

Copacabana Fort

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Situated on the south end of Copacabana Beach lies a piece of Brazilian military history, the Copacabana Fort. Built just before the First World War, the fort ...  続きを読む

Botafogo Bay

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There was once a time when Botafogo Bay was the fortuitously placed conduit between downtown Rio and the glamorous southern beaches. Put another way, if ...  続きを読む

Praia Vermelha

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Praia Vermelha is one of Rio’s smallest beaches but also one of the most scenic. Tucked inside a protective cove that keeps the waves at bay, the beach is ...  続きを読む


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The Flamengo district of Rio de Janeiro offers a comfortable, middle class, downtown alternative to trendy beaches and resorts. Far less crowded than Rio hot ...  続きを読む

Morro Dois Irmaos

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Named for its double peaks, Rio de Janeiro’s Morro Dois Irmaos translates to the “Hill of Two Brothers.” The city is famous for its views, especially from ...  続きを読む


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Nicknamed “The Smile City,” Niteroi is home to nearly 500,000 people and just a ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle of Rio. And while the ...  続きを読む

Sao Joao Fort

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Built in the mid-1500s, Sao Joao Fort was officially put into service in 1618, when it was used to protect Guanabara Bay from an invasion by the French. This ...  続きを読む

Three Borders Landmark

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Iguassu Falls are famously shared between three nations: Brazil, Argentina and tiny Paraguay (which doesn't actually claim any part of the primary falls, only ...  続きを読む

Bairro Cosme Velho

The Cosme Velho neighborhood is best known as the jumping-off point to ascend Corcovado Mountain to Christ the Redeemer. Most visitors to Rio will set foot in ...  続きを読む

Bank of Brasil Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil)

Since 1986 Bank of Brasil Cultural Center has been showcasing an impressive collection of artwork that’s made it one of the top 100 most-visited art museums ...  続きを読む

Barra da Tijuca

Barra da Tijuca, often referred to simply as Barra, is one of Rio’s newest neighborhoods — evident by its mega malls and glass-towered condominiums. As one of ...  続きを読む

Casa Franca Brasil

This architectural highlight was built in 1820 and once served as a customs house for the region. Today, Casa Franca Brasil is home to rotating exhibitions ...  続きを読む