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USS Constitution

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The USS Constitution is a fascinating example of United States and military history. The 44-gun, Boston-built vessel hearkens back to 1797 when President George Washington ordered that six frigates be constructed at naval yards along the east coast.

“Old Ironsides," as it’s known today, is officially “America’s Ship of State” and one of the most popular and well respected military attractions in the country. Before entering, visit the onsite museum, which provides insight into US military history, including the War of 1812 and the general timeline of the USS Constitution. Once aboard the ship, free guided tours are offered year-round by knowledgeable navy personnel. Visitors are also invited to explore and photograph a large portion of the ship, including the main deck and the level below deck. Select summer visitors are invited to join in a special Constitution Experience.




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ニューヨークシティから出発するこの日帰り旅行で、ボストン地区にある歴史的名所や有名大学を見学しましょう。コネチカットの美しい景色を車で通過し、ボストンとマサチューセッツを訪れます。ハーバード大学、トリニティ教会、ボストン ティー パーティーの場所など、ボストンの名所を見学します。赤レンガのフリーダム ...  続きを読む

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