Louisburg Square

If you’re looking to visit the most exclusive neighborhood in Boston, you’ll want to stop by Louisburg Square in Beacon Hill. The townhouses lining the square have an average value of over $6.7 million, with many selling for well over $10 million.

The houses on Louisburg Square were built primarily in the 1840s, but the area was first settled back in the 1600’s. Rev. William Blaxton moved to this part of Beacon Hill from Charlestown, where the Puritans had settled, to enjoy more peace and quiet.

From the time of the first house, the neighborhood was the most fashionable address in Boston. Famous names from shipping and merchant banking, such as Cabot and Appleton, used to call the square home, as well as some famous artistic figures. Charles Bulfinch, the architect of the Massachusetts State House and portions of the US Capital Building, lived in the square, as did Louisa May Alcott and artist John Singleton Copley. Today, US Secretary of State John Kerry lives on Louisburg Square.
住所: Louisburg Square, Boston, Massachusetts, アメリカ

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