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If Boston is Massachusetts’ boldest, hippest son, Cambridge is the state’s somewhat nerdier but just as cool, older brother. Rightfully so, as the city is home to Harvard University (the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the country’s most prestigious), just to name a few. A walking tour of each provides a great starting point for any visit to the city, but there are so many more historical and sightseeing opportunities for visitors.

The inaccurately named Harvard Square (it’s actually triangular shaped) is the de facto hub of commercial activity for its namesake school. For decades, it has served as a cultural crossroads where “yuppies” and urban conservatives share the sidewalks and streets with counterculture punks. Travelers can make an entire day of strolling nearby bookstores, coffee shops, shopping outlets, bars, and eateries.




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ニューヨークシティから出発するこの日帰り旅行で、ボストン地区にある歴史的名所や有名大学を見学しましょう。コネチカットの美しい景色を車で通過し、ボストンとマサチューセッツを訪れます。ハーバード大学、トリニティ教会、ボストン ティー パーティーの場所など、ボストンの名所を見学します。赤レンガのフリーダム ...  続きを読む

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