Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

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Few historical events are as synonymous with Boston as the Boston Tea Party. It was during this 1773 demonstration that revolutionaries threw entire cases of British tea into Boston harbor in protest of the Tea Act, quickly evolving into the American Revolution.

Today, this iconic act of defiance has come to symbolize not only the resolve and persistence of the American people as a whole, but of Boston in particular. Nowhere is it more celebrated or better explained than at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. This floating museum prides itself on stepping well beyond the typical, staid museum experience. Visitors are treated to a fully engaging display, complete with live actors, ship restoration displays and interactive exhibits.

Visitors can even join in a mock "tea dumping" protest if they like. The goal is to accurately transport visitors back in time to fully experience the Tea Party as it happened more than 230 years ago. At the conclusion of every tour, visitors are invited to Abigail's Tea Room & Terrace, a quaint restaurant offering all the comfort and charm of the colonial 1800s with a variety of excellent teas and baked treats.
住所: 306 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts, アメリカ

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