Enzo Ferrari Museum (Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari)

Enzo Ferrari Museum (Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari)
In the center of Modena, a historical brick factory building is dwarfed by the adjacent contemporary glass-and-steel hangar topped with a bright yellow car hood–shaped roof. Together, these two structures and their contents tell the story of Enzo Ferrari, race car driver and founder of one of the most famous car brands in the world. 

The Basics
Visitors to the Enzo Ferrari Museum complex can trace the timeline of events that brought the "prancing horse" to be. The beautifully renovated former factory—where Enzo Ferrari’s father once worked—now houses the Museum of Ferrari Engines (Museo dei Motori). This display showcases various race car models as well as their powerful engines and gives context to how the unique cars were developed. Just next door, the strikingly futuristic automotive design gallery houses temporary exhibitions of Ferrari’s classic road cars and racers. 

You can book tours that include tickets to both these structures, to these two structures in combination with the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, or combine a visit to the Enzo Ferrari Museum complex with a gourmet tour featuring some of Modena's most famous products, such as balsamic vinegar and fresh pasta. True aficionados can book a tour that includes a test drive.

Things to Know Before You Go
  •  A visit to this museum complex is a must for car and racing enthusiasts. 
  • There are two Ferrari museums: The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena and the Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) and Ferrari factory in nearby Maranello. The two are linked by a shuttle bus that runs every 90 minutes.
  • The Enzo Ferrari Museum is wheelchair accessible.

How to Get There
The Enzo Ferrari Museum is located at Via Paolo Ferrari 85 in Modena, just a 5-minute walk from the Modena train station. The same shuttle that runs between the two Ferrari museums also brings visitors here from the train station; it departs from gate 4. 

When to Get There
Open daily all year, the museum is the perfect indoor activity on wet days or hot summer afternoons. Not often overrun with visitors, it’s a good bet for a middle-of-the-day visit.

Emilia-Romagna's Automotive Museums
Due to the concentration of iconic Italian car manufacturers based here, the area of Emilia-Romagna between Bologna and Modena is known as "Motor Valley." In addition to Ferrari’s two museums, a number of other manufacturers have museums that can be visited here, including Maserati, Lamborghini, and Pagani, as well as motorcycle company Ducati.
住所: Via Paolo Ferrari, 85, Modena, Italy, イタリア

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