Pravcicka Brana

Prague day-trippers and German border-hoppers all flock to the northwestern edge of the Czech Republic to explore one of the country’s favorite nature escapes. Called Bohemian Switzerland National Park, it is blanketed in lush green landscapes, steep navigable river gorges, and, most famously Pravcicka Brana. Noted as Europe’s largest natural rock arch, Pravicka Brana reaches 16 meters high and 3 meters wide, and stands as the park’s most proud symbol.

While on your visit to the park, check out the sweet riverside town of Hřensko before or after trekking up to see the Pravicka Brana, which can be spied from various viewpoints (several of which have a fee, so bring currency). Then — during your return on the circular route — travel by boat down the calm waters of the river-cut Edward’s Gorge. 

Practical Info

Much of the trek from Hřensko is along a road; so if you wish to bypass this part of the excursion, take the bus to the head of the Pravcicka Brana trail. Alternatively, if you’re driving, consider parking in Mezni Louka. Or, to avoid any confusion, joining an organized day trip is a great option. Note that there is a restaurant near the arch, but given its limited options, you may wish to bring your own food.
住所: Route 25861, Hřensko, Bohemian Switzerland National Park 407 17
営業時間: Apr -Oct: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., daily; Nov - Mar: 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Friday-Sunday, and daily from December 26-January 1
入場料: 75 CZK

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