Warwick Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach is a serene part of Bermuda that stretches along half a mile of coastline on the island's southern coast. The location gets a pleasant breeze during the day, making it a beach you can comfortably spend hours on – you can also always cool off by going for a dip in the clear turquoise sea adjacent to the beach. Families will especially enjoy this area of the sea as it is generally pretty calm with minimal waves, making it an ideal place to swim for all levels of swimmers.

In addition to sunbathing and snorkeling, Warwick Long Bay Beach is a popular place for snorkeling due to its inner reef, which is home to a variety of coral and fish, including the parrot fish.

You’ll also marvel at the sand here, since it’s tinged with pink; sand with shades of light pink is one of Bermuda’s top claims to fame. 

Practical Info

Warwick Long Bay Beach is located in Warwick Parish and is easily accessible from South Road, which is one of the main roads in Bermuda. Pack a lunch and plenty of sunscreen as there aren’t too many shops nearby, which is also part of what makes this beach a secluded piece of tropical bliss. 
住所: South Road, South Shore Park, Bermuda, バーミューダ

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