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Otto Weidt Museum (Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt)

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During World War II, Otto Weidt ran a workshop that produced brushes and brooms. His employees were mainly blind and deaf Jews, and he went to great lengths to protect them from persecution and deportation. He even found places for some of his Jewish works to hide, including one family that was hidden in the workshop. Today this workshop is the Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt where visitors can learn about the history of Otto Weidt's efforts to save his workers from being sent to concentration camps.

The museum's exhibition includes letters, poems, and photographs to describe what life was like for these workers whose lives were under constant threat. The exhibition also documents the employees' attempts to escape persecution and the important help provided by Otto Weidt. The workshop is mostly in the same state it was in during the war. This provides visitors with a valuable look at the conditions where the employees worked.