Glienicke Bridge

Glienicke Bridge is located in the southwestern corner of the Berlin region and crosses the Havel River, which connects Glienicke Lake and Jungfernsee Lake. When you cross the bridge from east to west, you leave the Berlin region and enter the surrounding region of Brandenburg. The first bridge built here was in the mid 1600s, and it has been replaced several times since then. After World War II, the East German government named it the Bridge of Unity because the border between East Germany and West Berlin ran through the center of the bridge.

It is also known as the Bridge of Spies because during the Cold War, this was where the Soviets and the Americans exchanged spies who had been captured. The bridge was once again open to the public once the Wall came down in 1989. It has been used in the filming of commercials, television shows, and movies, including the 2015 movie Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks.
住所: Glienicke Bridge, Berlin, Germany 14467, ドイツ

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