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DDR Museum

The official name of East Germany was first Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR), or German Democratic Republic. The DDR Museum in Berlin is an interactive site where visitors can see what life in East Germany was like when the country was split into East and West regions. Rather than simply having exhibits to view and signs to read like most museums, DDR Museum exhibits often require visitors to push buttons, open doors or drawers and pull levers to get information and the full experience.

In this museum, visitors can get a glimpse of what it was like to be under surveillance in a bugged room. Artifacts, such as old clothing, a typewriter and a landmine from the border, are also on display. Other exhibits include one where you can listen to prisoner interrogations and another where you can drive an old Trabi car. Many people who once lived in East Germany now bring their children and grandchildren to the Museum to show them what life was like just a few decades ago.