Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Commissioned by Chancellor Angela Merkel and opened in 2006, Berlin’s central railway station was built atop the former East German station as a symbol of a reunited Germany. The five-story work of glass and steel serves up to 350,000 passengers per day and is one of the most well-connected train stations in the country.

The Basics
Spend any time at all in Berlin, and chances are you’ll find yourself at the travel hub of Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Due to the history of the old station, it features on many Cold War–themed city tours, and it’s a stop on nearly every Berlin hop-on hop-off tour, most of which also cruise by the Berlin Wall and Tränenpalast.  You can also admire the architecture from the outside on a Berlin Segway tour along the riverfront or on a guided sightseeing cruise.

Things to Know Before You Go
  • Hauptbahnhof is a must-see for first-time visitors and architecture buffs.
  • Lockers are available in the train station parking lot, just outside the main building.
  • Visitors get 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi service.
  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof is wheelchair accessible.

How to Get There
Berlin Hauptbahnhof is connected by high-speed rail to major cities throughout Europe and is a stop on S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines. The station is about a five-minute walk from Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate.

When to Get There
Berlin’s central station is open daily from early in the morning until late at night. To best appreciate the architecture of the structure (and for the best photos), plan to visit during the day when light is shining down through the arched glass roof.

Architectural Inspiration of Berlin Hauptbahnhof
German architectural firm Gerkan, Marg and Partners was tasked with designing Berlin Hauptbahnhof in 1993. The designers took inspiration from the existing lines of railway track, translating them onto the large glass roof.
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