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AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

AquaDom and SEA LIFE Berlin is an aquarium featuring more than 5,000 aquatic animals in over 35 different displays. The AquaDom, specifically, is the largest freestanding aquarium in the world, where you can take an elevator ride through 1 million liters of saltwater and groups of various tropical fish.

The newest exhibit at SEA LIFE Berlin is the Octopus Garden. Here you can learn about the fascinating physical and mental strength of the octopus and also see the giant pacific octopus, as well as its relatives, the cuttlefish and the nautilus. At the Interactive Rockpool, you can learn about the animals that live in this sort of habitat along the coast, such as starfish and crabs, and learn what sea anemones feed on. All of the animals in this section are safe to touch, and experts are on hand to help you handle them. A variety of talks are given throughout the day at certain areas of the aquarium.




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巨大水槽のアクアドーム、ベルリンダンジョン、レゴランド(LEGOLAND)ディスカバリーセンターまたはマダムタッソー蝋人形館の入場オプション付きの1日乗り降り自由ベルリン観光バスツアーで、ドイツの首都を探索しましょう。クラシックツアー、ベルリンの壁とライフスタイルツアー、ウェストエンドツアーからお好みのツアーをお選びに ...  続きを読む

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