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By the bay and on a river, the fertile town of Kerikeri is a historic little town with a swag of natural attractions. Walkways follow the course of the Kerikeri River as it meanders inland from the Bay of Islands, passing recreation reserves, pretty pools and Wharepoke and Rainbow waterfalls along the way.

Kayaking on the river is popular here, along with visiting winery cellar doors to sip local wines and sample local produce grown in the area’s rich agricultural soils. There’s plenty of history here, including the 1830s Stone Store and 1822 Mission House, New Zealand’s oldest buildings. The furnishings and displays date from the early 19th century when missionaries first settled the area. Nearby, Rewa’s Village re-creates a pre-colonial Maori village.




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パイヒアからのこの午後半日ツアーで歴史あるケリケリの町を訪ねましょう。 ケリケリにはニュージーランド初の常設宣教所やニュージーランド最古の建造物などがあります。 ガイドとともにミッション ハウスとストーン ストアを見学し、この町のマオリとヨーロッパ人入植者との歴史を学びましょう。 有機ワイナリーやマカナ ...  続きを読む

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