バイエルン州の観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

Bavarian Alps

With soaring mountain peaks, vast lakes and forested slopes punctuated by enchanting castles and traditional alpine villages, the Bavarian Alps offer some of Germany’s most spectacular scenery. Stretching along the Austrian border, the Alps dominate the landscape of Southern Germany and a trip into the mountains is simply inevitable for anyone exploring Bavaria.

Highlights of the Bavarian Alps include Füssen, a lively town at the start of the famous Romantic Road tourist trail; the historic village of Oberammergau, where the world-renowned Passion Play is held each decade; the German Alpine Road, a scenic tourist trail running from Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden; and many of Ludwig II’s most celebrated castles, including the fairytale-inspired Neuschwanstein.