Lake Steffen

Lake Steffen is a glacial lake in the providence of Rio Negro near Bariloche, Argentina. The lake was named for geographer and explorer Hans Steffen, who was hired in the late 1800s to investigate the border dispute between Chile and Argentina. Lake Steffen covers an area of more than 1,450 acres and is fed by the Manso River. It is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, in a region where the Andean Patagonian forest remains intact and free from degradation by urbanization or farming. The lake is a good place for trout fishing.

Lake Steffen is a favorite destination among tourists who know the area well since it is not easily accessible. Activities in and around the lake include hiking, boating, swimming, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting on the river. A section of the Manso River near Lake Steffen is a class III. Another option is to head west from Lake Steffen to Lake Martin. Adventurous travelers can enjoy hiking trails of varying difficulty levels in the surrounding areas.

Practical Info

Lake Steffen is located about 42 miles south of Bariloche off of route 40. It is only accessible by a dirt road that is not in such great condition, so it is necessary to have a 4WD vehicle, or go with a tour.
住所: Lago Steffen, Río Negro, Argentina, アルゼンチン

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