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El Tablao de Carmen

El Tablao de Carmen is a top-rated flamenco show that plays tribute to one of the world’s greatest flamenco dancers, Carmen Alaya. She once performed at this very site for King Alfonso XIII of Spain during the opening of the Poble Espanyol for the 1929 Universal Exposition. Known for her skill, passion, technique, and fiery personality, Carmen Amaya was widely adored for her dancing. Born in Barcelona, she danced internationally including across Europe, South America, and Central America before returning to the stage at home.

Visitors now can experience the allure of an authentic flamenco show in an intimate venue. Often the show of live music and 10-12 different professional dancers includes tapas, drinks, and/or dinner. In the spirit of true flamenco, no choreography or rehearsal is done — everything is wild and improvised.



タブラオ デ カルメンのフラメンコ イブニングショー(ディナーまたはドリンク付き)

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