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Royal Barges National Museum

Thailand is full of royal palaces and striking religious temples. But one of Bangkok’s most memorable highlights is the Royal Barges National Museum. This popular destination houses a fleet of ornately decorated, sleek and slender ships that were once the main mode of transportation for the royal family.

Travelers can examine the religious symbols that decorate the king’s personal barge and get up close with to the hand-carved Buddhas and pristine dugouts of these unique vessels. The largest ship stretches from 45 meters in length and takes 50 men to propel it through the city’s winding water channels. Travelers who visit in October and November may even get to see the boats set sail during the famous cloth-giving ceremony.



バンコク小グループ サイクリング ツアー

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小道をサイクリングしてマーケットや伝統的な家屋、運河、寺院を通りながら、バンコクの名所を探検しましょう。 このパワフルな街を20キロ(12.5マイル)ほどサイクリングして、バンコクの牧歌的な地域をご覧下さい。 バンコク ノーイ運河、メモリアルブリッジ、ワット ...  続きを読む

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