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Chatuchak Market

A weekend visit to Chatuchak Market is an absolute must-do. The snack stalls at the market's entrance selling deep fried insects give you a taste (quite literally if you are game!) of the unique Thai treats that await you within.

Only open on the weekend, Chatuchak is Bangkok's largest and most fun weekend market. You'll need a full day here to navigate the entire place, which bursts with stalls selling everything from reptiles, puppies, exotic food and souvenirs, to fake designer clothes and real designer furniture. Browsing at the market is a fantastic cultural experience but can be hot and exhausting. Start your day early and take advantage of the many bars and cafes within the market that are perfectly set up for people watching over a cold beverage. Western food is available but it pays to be adventurous and try a bargain local lunch at one of the many food stalls.



プライベート ガイド付き終日ツアー:バンコクとその先へ

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このプライベートツアーでは、バンコクやその周辺地域を観光し、タイの文化や生活に関するユニークな特徴を学んでいただけます。ご同行するガイドが、王宮(グランドパレス)や水上マーケットなど、バンコクでどちらの人気スポットを1日で観光するか予定を組むのをお手伝いいたします。 珍しい地域を探索したり、商店を訪れたり、主 ...  続きを読む

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